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Letter: Address parking problems around Medical Corridor

Address parking problems around Medical Corridor

Recent articles in The News concerning employee parking at the Medical Corridor are prompting this letter.

As a frequent visitor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, I very much appreciate the discounted parking.

What I do not understand is the strange statements made on behalf of the Medical Corridor – that employees should walk, bike or use public transportation. This statement of no parking for employees or the outrageous fees being charged the people who work there is, to say the least, ridiculous.

This statement cannot come from an Erie County resident. The people who work there come from all over the area. How do you expect employees to walk or bike in deep snow and near zero degree temperatures with no public transportation from most surrounding towns when they are traveling anywhere from 5 to 15 miles twice a day? What hare-brained person came up with that brilliant idea?

Employees need parking, especially in our area with little public transportation available. I worked for more than 30 years and I always needed a car to get to whatever job I had.

Trudy Weber


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