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Letter: Stocker will represent community with honor

Stocker will represent community with honor

In response to the letter, “Neither Stocker nor Grisanti is a good Senate candidate,” I wanted to clear up a few issues I personally had problems with. While I agree with the writer on every reason he gave to not vote for Sen. Mark Grisanti, nothing Kevin Stocker has done thus far within his campaign deserves a blanket “no vote.”

In fact, many law enforcement and military veterans gathered to help support Stocker’s candidacy. As individuals who have served their communities and country, we recognize that people have a constitutional right to express their opinion.

The writer acknowledged that Grisanti has time and time again broken his word and supported legislation that went against his own campaign promises. For this alone, he does not deserve to be supported for yet another term of empty promises, flip-flopping and selling his vote to whichever side throws him the most money, and walking all over our Second Amendment rights.

As far as Stocker’s use of “Semper Fi,” that is a Latin phrase the U.S. Marines use, which means, “always faithful.” Stocker uses it as a tribute to a great friend of his, a proud Marine, who passed away.

Stocker is a fighter who will not quit, and I am confident that he will serve and represent our community’s values with honor. He is a man of high character, and a person you can trust.

Richard Sikorski


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