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Letter: Show some consideration for souls along waterfront

Show some consideration for souls along waterfront

Saturday’s Kinfolk Soul Food Festival at Buffalo’s LaSalle Park was no doubt a fun event; we enjoyed the music wafting along the waterfront. However, shortsighted planning by event organizers – and whomever approved their plans – struck a very sour note among those of us trying to enjoy that prime section of waterfront.

On a gorgeous summer’s eve, organizers cut off the waterfront pedestrian/bike path with temporary fencing, forcing anyone needing to get around the park to trek all the way to Niagara Street. This was done without any prior warning that I can find, including when passing through the area that morning.

Imagine the disappointment of our Boy Scout troop, for example, which was completing an arduous 50-mile round-trip ride from Erie Basin Marina to Niagara Falls and back, only to suddenly face a frustrating fence within sight of our finish line. Event security denied us passage. A Buffalo police officer, eating dinner in his cruiser nearby, was equally unsympathetic, telling us, “We’ve already been through this numerous times,” indicating we were far from the only ones feeling cut off from our own plans by the event.

Surely a festival charging $32 to $65 per ticket could have sprung for more temporary fencing or security along the park’s pathway border in order to not spoil the evening for hundreds of people trying to enjoy Buffalo’s waterfront. Next year, organizers, please show more consideration for the souls along the waterfront.

Mark Webster

Lake View

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