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Ridgeway, Shelby input is sought on Medina dissolution plan

MEDINA – The Village Board agreed recently to bring the towns of Ridgeway and Shelby into the discussion about how best to proceed in the wake of the village dissolution plan being handed off by the committee tasked with creating it.

Mayor Andrew W. Meier emailed both town boards Friday and listed nine possible dates in July for such a meeting. The media also received the original email and a string of emailed responses implying that discussions could be heated.

While it is still unclear who will attend the meeting, Meier and Ridgeway Councilwoman Mary Woodruff agree that as many board members as possible should be there. What will be on the agenda also is under discussion.

Meier said Tuesday that the meeting should include all options.

“The Village Board hasn’t taken any action on the dissolution plan,” he said. “We voted to convene a meeting with the towns for discussions, and the breadth of what we were to discuss was not defined.”

However, Ridgeway Supervisor Brian P. Napoli’s response in the chain of emails called for dissolution not to be discussed at all, and he made that one of the terms that should be agreed upon before setting a meeting date.

He wrote, “What we will discuss should come first. We should not agree to a date and then get drawn into a discussion of the dissolution plan. As for being discredited, the plan was discredited from the beginning.”

Napoli also implied that the mayor manipulated the committee that wrote the dissolution plan.

“The last joke was hiring second-rate consultants to justify your misguided idea,” he said. “The taxpayers in Medina did not get fair value for their money.”

The Center for Governmental Research, or CGR, the firm used by the village committee in the latest study, was also hired for a three-way consolidation study backed by Medina, Ridgeway and Shelby in 2011.

That study received unanimous support from all three municipalities, as it laid out two options – increasing shared services or a three-way merger.

The Medina mayor said he is hopeful for a meeting to be scheduled soon.

“We are elected to do the people’s work, and these (combative) tactics are not what the people expect,” Meier said. “The people were eminently clear that they want all of us to talk, and I don’t want to take anything off the table.”

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