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Formal Fridays, an indoor rainstorm, and why we should be warriors, not worriers

Didn’t it rain

It never rains, but it pours. Just ask the Buffalo singing group Harmonia, singing at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Sunday’s concert is a repeat of many of the songs Harmonia was supposed to have sung at a recent concert at the Burchfield Penney. But alas, midway through that concert, the stage lights tripped the sprinkler system, sending water gushing over the stage in an impressive downpour (reportedly, one of the sprinkler heads was broken) and necessitating an evacuation. The stormy ending left no time to do a number of pieces that will be performed Sunday, including the “Four Sandburg Songs” by Buffalo composer Caroline Mallonee. “The second song is ‘Evening Waterfall,’ ” said Robert Pacillo, Harmonia’s intrepid leader. “If the timing had only worked out a little bit better.”

Keyed up

It’s the best air conditioning in town, the cold blast you get at Amvets at Hertel and Elmwood. And last week, that blast came with entertainment. The store had a Gulbransen spinet for sale for $750. It works OK, and one day, we heard, a pianist sat down and gave the store and impromptu concert. A crowd gathered, relaxing on the store’s renowned ugly sofa collection. What fun! Alas, there was no concert when Buzz stopped in. The piano was closed. The good news: Though those Amvets scrawls are tough to read, the price was crossed out and it now read $749. The bad news: A sign read: “You can test but not play.”

Safe and sorry

So annoying, to hear, “Have a safe holiday.” What a pale greeting! Especially for Independence Day. Instead of warning us away from sparklers, they should be saying, “Have a rip-roaring, bomb-bursting Fourth!” And look, the fretting is emboldening the Loyalists. Fort George, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont., boasts: “For only $22.00, visitors get to dress in a British Red Coat, and are instructed in the firing of a musket.” Your $22 buys you two shots, which Buzz is going to aim ours at certain killjoys. Call Parks Canada for info, (905) 468-6614.

Summer formal

Stopping in the Hyatt to hear Jackie Jocko, Buzz ran into jazz singer Diane Armesto. Diane, always elegant in her black suits, came up with a great idea: Instead of Casual Fridays, Buffalo should launch Formal Fridays. “Everyone would dress up,” she said. Sounds great! Imagine, gentlemen could leave for work in tuxes, and ladies in those gowns we never get to wear. That would get the world talking. And they had better use refined language.

The buzz

What a good idea, the bike valet at Silo City’s City of Night. One of the cyclists heading down there was the Rev. Ben Fiore, the new pastor of St. Michael’s Church. Fiore stopped in beforehand to see Jackie Jocko, is how we know. ... Here’s an idea you can’t say boo to: “Statewide Paranormal Tourism Initiative.” Think it has a ghost of a chance?


“Moving our gear in last night’s oppressive heat was a lot harder than the performance. Where are those damn roadies now?

Dick Bauerle, of Joyryde, venting on Facebook


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