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Q: Is Dylan Dreyer of “Today” married? – Sue Marshall, Buffalo

A: She is … and her nuptials gave her quite a busy fall season in 2012. Right after getting the call to join NBC News and moving from Boston (where she had been a meteorologist at NBC affliliate WHDH) to the New York area, she wed Brian Fichera, who had been a cameraman at the station.


Q: Since his character was given a Five-0 badge at the end of the season, will Chi McBride be a regular on “Hawaii Five-0” next year? – John Keenan, Fayetteville, N.C.

A: He actually is one already. After his first appearances as Capt. Lou Grover, the producers of the CBS mystery-series reboot added him to the cast permanently. The final scene of Season 4, in which McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and company added SWAT veteran Grover to their team just formalized things more.


Q: Several friends and I were surprised by the exit of Jeanne Tripplehorn from “Criminal Minds” after such a short tenure on the program. Why did she leave? – Maureen Gates, Sunnyvale, Calif.

A: The actress’ contract for the CBS crime drama was up, and her character Alex Blake’s departure reportedly was a mutual decision. That’s not hard to believe, given the movie career Tripplehorn also maintains. HBO’s “Big Love” had shorter seasons, so she still was available for film work during the run of that series. A season of “Criminal Minds” takes the better part of a year to shoot, so it limited her opportunities for other jobs.

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