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• 4981 Ridge Road, Stein Wiener & Roth Llp; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sally W. Kolkmeyer, $65,000.


• Ridge Road, Jill A. Paszek; Jill A. Harrod to Edward W. Paszek; Diane M. Paszek, $72,000.


• 1st St., Christian V. Kivi to Alisa Talarico; Gene Bondi Jr.; Samuel A. Talarico, $300,000.

• 719 Hillview Court, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Craig Waldeck, $85,000.


• Church St., George Wiley III to Steven M. Noto, $82,700.

• Livingston Place, Lu Ann Garlock; Lu Ann Coleman; Daniel J. Coleman to Nicole M. Homme; Benjamin T. Homme, $81,620.

• East Ave. & Juniper St., Scott J. Scranton; Jennifer E. Scranton; Jennifer E. Crego to Patricia Ann Sandle, $73,900.

• Phelps St., Anna Rosati; Anna L. Sherk to Robert Zastrow; Virginia Rodriguez-Norgren, $72,000.

• Price St., Keith J. Lanfear to Jeffrey M. Rappold, $59,000.

• Vine St., Rebecca L. Steinman; Rebecca L. Hall to Rose A. Opera, $58,000.


• Tonawanda Creek Road, Roger H. Andrews; Jean A. Andrews to Sharon G. Smith; Brian F. Smith, $122,000.

• Royal Parkway, Nursen Guven; Nursen Germann to Paul Oakes; Nicole Oakes, $114,900.

NEWFANE Highest price: $177,500 Average price: $110,063 Median price: $115,000 Number of Sales: 8

• 7050 & 7067 Hoffman Road, Albert W. Platt; Cynthia L. Bailey to Jane Voelpel; Kirsten M. Voelpel; Katelynn J. Voelpel; Kassidy J. Voelpel, $177,500.

• 3430 Ewings Road, Julie A. Jeffery; Julie A. Cundra to Jessica Morrell; Travis W. Morrell, $170,000.

• Ridge Road, Kenneth Heitzenrater to Matthew Pollack, $150,000.

• Phillips Road, Shari Brounscheidel; Robbie Brounscheidel to Dave A. Damstetter; Sharalyn C. Bandinelli, $140,000.

• Lake Road, Lightfoot Investments to Terroir Farms, $90,000.

• Ridge Road, John F. Brummer Jr. to Diana Tuorto; Phillip E. Fisk, $88,000.

• Peach St., Herbert A. Reed; Barbara A. Reed to Carolyn Rohring, $35,000.

• Lockport-Olcott Road, Kenneth A. Shisler; Ellen M. Boone to Richard Bohlman, $30,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $475,000 Average price: $64,017 Median price: $44,000 Number of Sales: 22

• Porter & Niagara Expressway, St. Leo’s Catholic Church Society of Niagara Falls to Cataract Real Estate Holdings, $475,000.

• Champlain Ave., Christopher R. Tybor; Catherine A. Tybor to Patrick Guard, $126,450.

• 98th St., Maines Family Trust; Alice J. Maines to Dino Potalivo; Rachel Regdos, $102,000.

• 2415 Lasalle Ave., Nanotyrannus Homes to GL1 Investments, $66,900.

• 8301 & 8251 Troy Ave., Jenny M. O’Donnell; George D. Hampton to Douglas C. Meng; Sarah C. Bonse, $64,660.

• Whitney Ave., Joseph S. Colavecchia to Michael H. Buonopane; Amanda J. Buonopane, $59,000.

• 729 Townsend Place, Sabrina G. Carr to Fannie Mae, $57,468.

• 1085 98th St., Christopher Brennan to Paul Allen Light Jr., $52,000.

• 343 74th St., Joyce Lamb; Joan Bauer; Edward E. Martin Jr. to Melissa M. Nuzum, $50,000.

• 2427 Grand Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to DHGF Llc, $48,000.

• Pasadena Ave., Melodie Ann McGee Stein; Phyllis A. McGee to MSS Property Management, $45,000.

• 2149 Jerauld Ave., Linda J. Rocco; Mary C. Pelsoni to Awa Diallo-Cisse; Idrissa Cisse, $43,000.

• 29th St., Barbara Vilardo; Estelle Hrcziak to Melissa A. Siener, $39,000.

• 609 24th St., Kevlola Llc to DHGF Llc, $38,000.

• Porter Road, Kannvy Palmer; Erik Palmer to Kathy Ward, $34,000.

• 36th St., Nicole Allan; William Allan to Paula J. Shank; Morgan D. Drew, $25,000.

• Linwood Ave., Ramiro Morales to RTP Property Management, $21,500.

• 2738 South Ave., Pennymac Loan Services to Laterio Humphrey, $21,000.

• 87th St., G&G Properties Management to MTM Homes, $14,900.

• Jerauld Ave., Anthony Mikesic; Jane Markarian; Sinka Mikesic to Michael Greenawalt, $10,000.

• 8th St. & Cedar Ave., Malini Pravin Mehta to Trevor D. Singh; Dawn M. Singh, $8,000.

• Falls St., Marion R. Scott to Christopher Kinsley, $7,500.


• Daniel Drive, Megan Celestino; Craig M. Celestino to Susan Lee; William R. Lee Jr., $225,000.

• Tanglewood Drive, Maria J. Barbopoulos to Niagara Regional FCU, $150,632.

• Leah Drive, Matthew Smolinski; Krystle R. Smolinski to Rachel S. Clark; Cory L. Clark, $127,000.

• Parkview Drive, Leah Powers to Anthony Westenfield; Adam Westenfield, $78,000.

• Wallace Ave., Shirley May Froebel; Allen J. Froebel to Nicole L. Sass, $70,000.


• 4590 Ridgeview Drive South, Timothy D. Frey; Christine M. Frey to Sirva Relocation Credit, $238,500.

• Ridgeview Drive South, Sirva Relocation Credit to Alan Giangreco, $238,500.


• 382 Carrollwood Drive, Teresa Hill; Richard J. Neri to Teresa Hill, $240,000.

• Westwood Ave., T. Carol Eddings; Darrell A. Eddings to Claude Wright Jr., $154,295.


• 7717 Rochester Road, M&T Bank to Gary Hosey; Jean M. Mullet-Hosey, $31,010.


• Coleman Road, Anthony M. Sindoni to Kelly Klopfer; Benjamin Klopfer, $159,010.


• Knottingwood Drive, R.S. Seiler Homes Llc to Carol Ann Lorusso; Anthony Lorusso, $368,000.

• Williams Road, Oberlin Plaza One Llc to PCMR Realty, $150,000.

• Stenzel Ave., Jocelyn R. Bykowicz; Skip J. Brandon to Shannon M. Kish; James D. Kish Jr., $128,000.

• Rebecca Drive, Anne Marie Tarleton; Anne Marie Ball to Kristina M. Ramos; Joshua I. Ramos, $110,000.

• Buffalo-Niagara Falls Blvd., Galloping Falls Corp. to Diverse Development Corp., $38,900.

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