Zumba at Canalside drew a considerable number of participants. Meghan Schimmelpennnick, left, is one of the instructors.
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Now that she’s pregnant, Meghan Schimmelpenninck has sworn off wine for the year, but her eating habits will otherwise pretty much stay the same – except for the cravings.

Schimmelpenninck, 37, of Lewiston, a former Catholic elementary schoolteacher, has been group fitness director for Catalyst gyms during the last seven years. The newest edition to the family is expected to join husband, Nicholas, and daughters Sofie, 7, and Lola, 2, in December.

Oatmeal and a half sweet potato or scrambled eggs and a piece of turkey. That would be breakfast. And coffee. I never miss my cup of coffee. Lunches are typically salads, a piece of chicken, and then I snack through the day: nuts, fruits, vegetables – grilled or raw – and lots of water. Dinner is always smaller, a piece of fish or chicken – rarely do I eat red meat, but I will enjoy it once in a while – and vegetables; maybe some couscous and some brown rice.

Are you hungrier?

I am. It doesn’t change anything. I eat frequently already, so I don’t go to the point where I’m starving. I keep a bag of trail mix in the car and I snack on that.

Do you have cravings?

I’m craving pumpkin pie, which is strange because it’s summer. How do I deal with that? I have a little piece of chocolate, or I go find pumpkin pie. I found one little pumpkin pie at Tops and I shared it with my kids. I don’t make it, because I would eat the whole thing!

Balance is where it’s at. I will give into that craving, but in moderation.

– Scott Scanlon

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