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Kilgore shoots down Benigni source theory

 By Alan Pergament

When Channel 2 sports director Adam Benigni reported a few weeks ago about the interest that Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula and his wife Kim have in buying the Buffalo Bills, I got a text from someone in the media.

"Think anyone following the 'Pegula is interested in the Bills' story' Channel 2 is touting will report that Ed Kilgore works for Pegula? Just listened to Adam on with (WGR's) Howard Simon. Didn't come up."

The media person texting was obviously suggesting what several other people in the media also were thinking -- Kilgore was one of Benigni's sources and probably the most important one.

That idea not only surprised Kilgore but led to a vehement denial when I talked to him last week about his 40-year career in sports at Channel 2 and other non-sports topics. The conversation was a few days before Mike Gilbert, Sabres vice president of public and community relations, released a statement saying that Pegula and his wife "are following the developments involving the sale of the Bills."

"I want this on the record," said Kilgore early last week. "I have never given Adam one single word. I have not been the source of one single thing that Adam has said. And personally I know nothing about Terry's  interest in the Bills. I know nothing about it. We've never talked about it. His people in Pittsburgh haven't talked to me about it. I haven't asked him. I don't know any more than you or Adam or anyone else does about the Bills."

"Whoever his sources are, they are not me and I hope nobody else thinks that. I told him right away --  and Adam knows this -- whenever it came to being a source for something, I'm not going to be that guy."

I believed Kilgore because leaking something about the Pegulas would jeopardize his job as vice president of public relations for Pegula's East Management Services. And that's  the last thing he wants to do.

"There is no one in the world I am more loyal to, other than my wife, than the big guy and Kim," said Kilgore.

Understandably, he is a huge fan of the Pegulas and doesn't agree with the way Terry has been treated by everyone in the media.

"“I think some media have treated him well and some haven't, " said Kilgore. He wouldn't name names. But he defended Pegula.

"When he says he wants to win a Stanley Cup, there is no one more sincere," said Kilgore. "He realizes just saying it and doing it are two different things. That doesn't change the goal at all. And I firmly believe he will get it done. Fans who are critical someday are going to say, 'sorry, I was wrong.'"

For more on Kilgore’s life and thoughts in a year since leaving Channel 2, you can read the story in Sunday's Buffalo News.

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