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Buffalo rated as having some of the nation’s ‘hottest men’

We may have been dinged on past surveys and lists for having the fattest, drunkest and worst-dressed residents, but according to one new list, Buffalo is also home to the “hottest men.”

That’s right. Buffalo. Hot guys.

According to the “Hot or Not” app, which rates the attractiveness of people whose images are uploaded to their site, Buffalo ranked seventh of all the cities in the country for having hot guys.

Our men apparently aren’t quite as gorgeous as the smokin’ dudes who live in the beauty-central cities of Boise, Idaho, Lincoln, Neb., or Fort Wayne, Ind., but they do outrank the slightly less attractive men living in Tulsa, Okla., and Scottsdale, Ariz.

Hot or Not spokeswoman Tricia Tumlinson said the list was compiled after the relaunch of the app in June.

She admitted being surprised that none of the larger cities like Los Angeles, New York or Chicago made their “hot” lists, but since the app users tend to be between ages 18 and 22, it’s not surprising that more college towns ranked high.

Buffalo, unfortunately, did not make the Top 10 ranking for “hottest women.” (Apparently, all the hottest women live in Stockton, Calif.)

Does that mean Buffalo’s men are better looking than their female counterparts?

“Theoretically,” Tumlinson said.

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