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Sam Roberts Band brings ‘Lo-Fantasy’ tour to Canalside today

Buffalo’s love affair with the Sam Roberts Band has broken the decade mark, continuing unabated from the 2003 release of “We Were Born In A Flame” straight through to the present. The Montreal-based Roberts felt like a natural fit for Buffalo audiences from the beginning, his inspired and animated blend of power-pop and alternative rock striking a resonant chord in a town that is at once blue collar and culturally astute. Roberts proved he could write strong hooks right out of the box, and his band played them with garage rock fervor, in the process earning the ensemble the devotion of audiences moved by consistently incendiary live performances.

The best things about the Sam Roberts Band – the marriage of polish and scruffy swagger, the group’s consistent ability to leave everything it has on the stage – remain, but with the recent release of the band’s fifth album, “Lo-Fantasy,” true growth is in ample evidence.

“Lo-Fantasy” is the sound of the Sam Roberts Band pushing fearlessly ahead, while retaining the strongest elements of the previous decade’s work.

Roberts and the band will make a bid for the hearts of Buffalo listeners yet again, this time with a 6 p.m. free show today at Canalside. The smart money’s on the love affair continuing.

– Jeff Miers

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