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Neither Stocker nor Grisanti is a good Senate candidate

Attorney Kevin Stocker is once again trying to grab that elusive ring in the world of politics by challenging State Sen. Mark Grisanti in a primary election. In a solicitation from Stocker covering topics regarding the Second Amendment and Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act and its repeal, there was a request for campaign contributions.

In the solicitation I found his use of military depictions of continental and current soldiers along with sayings such as “No Retreat-No Surrender” along with the use of “Semper Fi,” the Marine Corps motto. Stocker’s online bio says nothing of prior military service.

As a registered conservative and former hourly and salaried union official with the town, I find it impossible for me to vote for or endorse Stocker for State Senate or any other position of public office.

As for Grisanti, I can’t vote for him either, he’s showed his true alliance and is a RINO (Republican in name only). At this point in time Cuomo’s SAFE Act won’t be repealed, it is for the courts to decide. In the meantime, we should oust everyone who, at the governor’s request, voted for it. Do that and you might be able to have the law modified or abolished.

Every time I turn around I’m seeing our Bill of Rights weakened.

Henry Kolb

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