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Mayor should bike ride along a neglected river

I would personally like to invite Mayor Byron Brown for a bike ride along the Niagara River. And, if he is not an owner of one, I will find him one.

My wife and I decided on a bike ride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. It started at LaSalle Park in the City of Buffalo.

As we made our way along the river bike path, we encountered sites that would be in our memories for a long time. There would only be one word to describe it: “disgusting.”

Broken glass, overgrown weeds, litter throughout, graffiti, and in some areas of the bike path it was downright hazardous.

Not to say, as we glanced over to the Canadian side of the Niagara River and had taken notice of the beautiful, pristine park-like settings. Mayor Brown, this certainly is not the proper way of highlighting our great city. I think that hundreds, if not thousands, use this bike trail daily.

I challenge Mayor Brown to that bike ride.

Ken Drzymala


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