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Being gay is not sinful as letter writer suggests

This is in response to a June 8 letter, “Reject gay lifestyle and return to God.”

I think it is so wrong to try to teach people that just because people are gay that we have been taken away from God. I personally know God’s first name. I’m that close. And my daughter is gay and never once has God told me to turn against her or that he does not belong in my life anymore because I refuse to think she is sinful in her lifestyle.

We are heterosexuals who didn’t try to raise her this way, and I have many gay friends who have never tried to “turn” me to their lifestyle. I belong to the Unity faith and we have a very open concept of acceptance at our churches. I, as a former Sunday school teacher, would never try to teach our children to be against anyone; gay, of any race, or someone with disabilities. I think it’s truly wrong for the letter writer to put something down that we in this country are fighting so hard to uphold: Brotherly love.

What if this was someone the letter writer was close to? Could the writer end a relationship because they were different? If the letter writer’s church doesn’t teach brotherly love, I believe we should be ashamed if his church symbol hangs anywhere.

Rachael Rhoads Druszkowski


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