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How Workplace Dynamics measured employees’ satisfaction

Workplace Dynamics reached out to 595 companies in the Buffalo metropolitan region to participate in the workplace survey, and 61 agreed to take part. From those companies, 7,979 employees filled out surveys.

In other cities where the company does these surveys, participation grows over time.

In the Buffalo region, a large company was defined as having 500 employees or more; a midsize firm has between from 100 to 499; and small firms have 99 or fewer employees.

To participate in the survey, a company must employ at least 35 people.

At least 35 percent of employees must participate, and at firms with 85 or fewer employees, at least 30 responses are needed.

Workplace Dynamics said it categorizes employers by size “because smaller employers tend to score higher than midsize employers, and midsize employers tend to score higher than large employers.”

The chart to the right reflects how much different issues affect our opinions of our workplaces. Feeling appreciated is very important to us. But, interestingly, the amount of money we earn is not a huge factor in how we feel about our workplaces.

In explaining that, Workplace Dynamics said that although many people feel they are not paid enough, that didn’t prevent them from saying they like where they work.

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