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Peace Bridge improvements will not be enough in the end

It seems likely that the improvements to the Peace Bridge Plaza will go forward and this, no doubt, will improve traffic flow over the bridge.

But will this really be the answer to the problem? Will this end the congestion and inordinate waiting time that occurs practically every day? It will not. The reason it will not is because the major problem is the bridge itself.

Built in 1926 for the traffic of the period, it is only three lanes wide while the width of what should be built today would call for a six- or eight-lane bridge. The present structure is always in need of constant repairs, which restrict traffic. Any sort of serious accident involving huge trucks that use the bridge could possibly damage the structure.

A few years ago there was a push for a new bridge.

A lot of controversy was finally settled and a design was put forward, but that was rejected because it would have affected some species of birds.

Does this mean that there could not be any design that would work? That we were stuck forever with this obsolete, inadequate bridge?

Apparently those responsible for the bridge crossing (the bridge commission) threw in the towel and gave up on the idea of a new bridge. Or is it possible that too many people had a vested interest in the status quo?

Herbert Falk

East Amherst

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