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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Townline Road, Wilbur C. Shafer; Robert J. Shafer to Dianne Coakley; Michael Coakley, $25,000.


• 734 Legacy Drive, LMK Realty Associates to Janice Sotherden, $188,000.

• Annwill Condo Unit 20, Kirsten Zinga to Anne Marie Burns; Gary M. Burns, $65,000.

• Annwill Condo Unit 21, Kirsten Zinga to Anne Marie Burns; Gary M. Burns, $65,000.


• 170 East Ave. & 133-135 Main St., Ulrich Development Company to Lockport Retail Group II, $1,590,000.

• 144-150 Main St., Ulrich Development Company to 144 and 150 Main Street Lockport Llc, $935,000.

• 24 Eisenhower Drive, Jeffrey M. Massaro to Anne E. Leubner, $113,000.

• 43 Livingston Place, Sudiana John Tirtadjaja to Joseph Kane, $34,000.

• Allen St., Rose Krentz to Charles Glander Jr., $20,000.

• Washington St., Matthew J. Fura; Linda A. Fura to Brian Coles, $20,000.


• Day Road, Rosemary Spitzer; Michael D. Spitzer to Marc Shurtz; Erica L. Dipalma, $190,000.

• Old Beattie Road, Michael A. Hathaway; David A. Brandl; Mary Catherine Brandl; Mary Hathaway to Michelle L. Slater, $95,000.


• Hess Road, Patricia L. Kelkenberg; Kenneth E. Kelkenberg to Daniel Rounds, $179,000.

• Main St., Mark C. Tucker to Christopher E. Novack, $80,000.

• Main St. & Ide Road, Peter M. Unterweger; Karen A. Unterweger to Julia Rowles; William K. Rowles, $45,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $112,000 Average price: $44,750 Median price: $33,500 Number of Sales: 15

• Parkview Drive, Antoinette Iacovitti; Alberta V. Jones; August A. Iacovitti to Perry T. Twyford; Julie E. Twyford, $112,000.

• 99th St., Patricia Geist; Edwin W. Geist to Anthony M. Volpe, $90,000.

• 92nd St., Susan Lenhart; Susan M. Sarratori to Jennifer L. Pils, $79,000.

• 93rd St., Michelle L. Brady; Michelle L. Watson to Juan Castillo Montes, $63,500.

• 103 Park Place, 728 Park Place Trust; Giuseppe Faraci to Anna B. Sadowski, $60,000.

• Woodlawn Ave., Stanley L. Wojton to Maria Gioannini, $58,000.

• 1748 Lasalle Ave., Silver Tie Homes to Lois Sims; American Estate and Trust, $40,100.

• 18th St., Dominic Toliano to Richard L. Duck Jr., $33,500.

• Sherwood Ave., Jonathan D. Eagan; Carrie L. Eagan to Carolyn Smith; Timothy A. Smith, $33,500.

• Norman St., Robert Kennerknecht Jr. to Shann P. Kocsis; Elizabeth J. Kocsis, $25,650.

• 80th St., Paul Askland; Arthur Askland; Barbara Askland; Morris Askland to Michelle Phelps; James Phelps, $25,000.

• Haeberle Ave., Lilla Marino; Rosario Marino to Dora Properties, $23,000.

• Welch Ave., Cara Acosta; Craig Newberry; Lois Marie Larsen to Sally Stier, $13,000.

• 2475 Mackenna Ave., Mohammed Abdul Malek to Charles Rolfe, $10,000.

• 536 26th St., Theresa M. Retton; Robert J. Retton to Corey Iveys, $5,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $210,900 Average price: $85,975 Median price: $79,500 Number of Sales: 8

• Daigler Drive, MCW Construction Inc. to Michael Kelly, $210,900.

• Webster St., Lisa Warning; Dean J. Tarasek to Keystone 110 Llc, $105,000.

• Spaulding St. & Gilmore St., Deborah Ann Hastings to Bruce M. Dejaiffe, $97,000.

• Sherwood Ave., Mary Derrick; John T. Nowacki; Patricia A. Howard to Shane M. Keyes; Savannah J. Keyes, $84,000.

• Goundry St., Frances N. Kissel; Kristine V. Kissel-Weir to Steven F. Kissel, $75,000.

• 173 17th Ave., Kevin Walker to Jennifer Jones, $48,000.

• 241 Tremont St., Kristine L. Kindron; Brian J. Kindron to Wells Fargo Bank, $38,000.

• 1149 Sherwood Ave., BAC Home Loans Servicing to Mark Williamson, $29,900.


• Devonshire Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Richard Andrzejewski; Julie C. Kosmerl, $320,805.

• Campbell Blvd., Antonio Bufalino; Michele N. Bufalino to Mark T. Schiferle, $315,000.


• Brookshire Road, James H. Boardman; Bernice C. Boardman to Matthew Andrews, $120,000.

• 585 East Oak Terrace, M&T Bank to Terry J. Rang, $78,100.


• 4743 Cottage Road, Nicholas L. Reynolds to Ara A. Rustowicz, $152,500.

• Chestnut Ridge Road, Karen L. Hagar to Michelle L. Riccio, $87,000.


• 1716 Quaker Road, Luis D. Morales-Rivera; Cathy A. Harper to M&T Bank, $81,677.


• 2510 Ferchen St., Anthony Colson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $292,085.

• Brandywine Road, GMD Development to Jeffrey D. Herman; Karen M. Forcucci, $271,900.

• Evergreen Drive, Lois V. Nelson to Jeffrey W. Nelson, $98,000.


• High St. & Seneca St., Myron W. Moyer to Heather L. Blasius, $85,000.

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