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School district must stop rewarding incompetence

In my next life, I want to become a superintendent of the Buffalo Public Schools. Just like superintendents James Harris, James Williams and Pamela Brown, my incompetence would change from a detriment to an asset. Unencumbered by a rubber-stamping Board of Education, I’d have the authority to do as I please: make gratuitous appointments, unilateral decisions and operate with complete disregard for the students who should be my main concern. As with my predecessors, my incompetence would be monetarily rewarded with huge buyout packages. The more I displayed my ineptness, the better my buyout package would become.

I’m a product of the Buffalo Public Schools. They treated me well and educated me. I was a teacher; not in the public schools, but in a private one. After retirement, I proudly served at School 45, my alma mater, as a volunteer for a masterful first-grade teacher. There are some of those, although they receive little support from above. I deplore the rock-bottom morass of the Buffalo school system. Children deserve better. They deserve caring parents, teachers, principals, board members and competent, caring superintendents. Start now! Please!

Hallie Morrison Block


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