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Tip of the day: Put down your phone

When I recently saw how a certain little dog looked longingly at his owner – who yeah, was walking him but totally ignoring him while she talked on the phone – I thought it was high time to hoist myself onto my soapbox and shout, implore and strongly suggest this:

Put down your phone while you’re working out!

That poor dog, honestly. He kept looking at her eagerly, but she didn’t even glance his way. She just kept talking, talking, talking on her phone.

I’ve seen this with people pushing strollers, too. They’re laughing and chattering and quite honestly might as well be pushing a grocery cart, the attention they’re paying to the little creature inside the stroller.

I was just reading an article about this that says babies – and really all of us – miss out on a variety of levels when we don’t make eye contact or see and share facial expressions.

At the gym, I see people on the treadmill or stair-climber talk talk talking on their cellphones. Who in the world are they talking to, and what are they saying that can’t wait until the workout is over? Can people really not take those precious moments to connect with their bodies or with their dog or baby instead of talking on the phone?

Most truly, I don’t get it. I understand using your phone for music or to count steps during a workout. But for visiting?

We just don’t live in the moment enough. We don’t focus on where we are and what we have and what we’re doing and how lucky we are.

Standing here on my soapbox reminds me of my story on meditation, and the importance of, as someone I once knew used to say, being here, now.

So tough as it may be to relinquish your phone during a workout – face it, it’s probably a bit of an addiction – maybe you can just try to do it for five minutes or 10 minutes or once a week.

I’m guessing you – and/or whoever you may be sharing your workout with – will get a lot more out of those oh-so-precious moments.

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