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It seems to us: Silence is golden in Hamburg, dressing for cash and glorious summer is back

The haunting wail of a train whistle in the night is a romantic reminder of an earlier era. Unless those trains are blasting past your house 80 times each day, disrupting sleep and daily activities.

Hamburg residents have been trying for a dozen years to silence those horns. Tuesday their work will pay off when 24-hour “quiet zones” take effect at rail crossings on Cloverbank and Rogers roads.

Traffic devices are in place to prevent vehicles from driving around lowered gates, meaning trains will no longer have to sound two long blasts followed by one short and another long as they approach those crossings.

Happy dreams, Hamburg.

Here’s food for thought for all of you who get dressed each day without a thought of getting paid for it.

A lawsuit by some of Orchard Park’s police officers demanded back pay for the time it takes to put on their uniforms. The attorney representing the town’s officers reportedly said it could take them 15 minutes before and after a shift to change clothes, up to a half an hour a day. So, they should get paid. To get dressed.

The case was settled before trial for $210,000, with $72,000 going to 26 current and retired police officers, each collecting between $100 and $3,300 in wages, including back pay for time they spent putting on uniforms. Lawyers, of course, made out the best, collecting $138,000 of the settlement.

This is the day, long sought but bittersweet. This morning at 6:51, the sun reached its northern limit and, with that, summer arrives once again. It comes every year, like clockwork, but for many weeks during this year’s long and unlamented winter, it somehow seemed unlikely ever to return.

But here it is. The summer solstice has arrived, signalling a season of warmth, charcoal grills, swimming pools – and days that slowly grow shorter, leading us back to …

No. We won’t go there. Instead, we’ll concentrate tonight, at Canalside, where the Tedeschi Trucks Bank will usher in the season in style. In a couple of weeks comes the Fourth of July and its sparkling celebrations.

It’s summer. Savor the days. Catch a firefly. Toast a marshmallow. Pretend it’ll never end.

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