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Commentary: Proud to see school community come together

To close or not to close? That was the question. During this school year, the Sweet Home school district considered closing Heritage Heights Elementary School.

One of the things that I am most proud of is the strong parental support within our community. I am also proud of the fact that the School Board provides a forum for open discussions and takes the views of the residents seriously. This is a very special community.

The School Board ultimately voted, 5-2, to keep the school open. There were many reasons people wanted it to remain open. One parent reminded the board that it had always voted unanimously. She mentioned that schools were turned against schools, and teachers against teachers. She also said that our school community doesn’t operate like that – it operates like a family. How true. I was proud to hear this. I couldn’t help but think how right it is to focus on the positive.

As in any spirited issue, there are always those who try to use negative positions in their fights, like some of the comments that were posted on Facebook. I was not proud of this. From a student’s point of view, we don’t ever think dollars and cents. We do, however, feel at times like the school and money issues are stacked against us. It’s nice to know that sometimes when we all band together, these large obstacles can be overcome. I have always been a firm believer that obstacles are merely opportunities in disguise, opportunities for growth. I hope so because I know we’ll revisit this issue again.

Each year will pose greater problems than the year before. Sometimes what you wish for comes true, but then something else has to give. Will it be programs that we dearly love? Will it be the end to music? Will it be the end of sports? It is too soon to tell. But one thing we can be sure of is if another vote is needed, our community will be able to voice their opinions directly to the people making the decisions, and most importantly, they will be heard. Now, we need to stop and think: What do we wish for?

Molly Teti is a senior at Sweet Home High School.

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