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Big changes are needed in Congress, White House

President Obama has indebted America more than any other president, issued dozens of executive orders that replaced activity that should have been done by Congress and pushed through Obamacare. In his latest and most questionable and illegal action, Obama traded five Taliban prisoners for a missing American soldier who walked away from his assigned position. There are many unanswered questions that should be looked into.

To the veteran who criticized two local Republicans in a recent letter, I would suggest that he check with regard to the time element about when these problems in Veterans Affairs started. I think he will find most of the problems began before these two congressmen took office.

I would like to add my commendation to the 88-year-old Navy veteran. I was in a 90 mm anti-aircraft gunpit of the 16th Marine Division when the first B-29 landed and also when the B-29 dropped the atom bomb on Japan.

I think that most would agree we need a big change in Congress, and most certainly those with more than a few terms of office.

Clinton A. Salmon


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