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Politicians have lost touch with constituents

What is prompting me to write is the recent defeat of the Virginia politico who probably thought he would have no problem getting re-elected. If I were to guess, he probably lost touch with his constituents. I know that when I have tried to connect with my representatives about some concerns I had, they seem to become deaf. The only time they will try to reach you is at election time.

I realize they can’t answer everyone who seeks an answer for a complaint, but I’m sure they have enough staff to relay concerns to them. Or at least offer an apology for the lawmaker that he can’t get back to you because of his busy schedule.

I’m tired of seeking answers. Maybe when they lose an election, they’ll get the message. They can’t sit on their thrones forever. But they will still get their tremendous packages when they leave, unfortunately.

John B. Guzzi


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