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Letter: Obama’s prisoner swap worthy of impeachment

Obama’s prisoner swap worthy of impeachment

President Obama put on quite a heart-wrenching display in the White House Rose Garden with the parents of Bowe Bergdahl, complete with hugs and kisses and Arabic prayers. It appears that our president, our armed forces’ commander-in-chief, whose primary duty is to protect us citizens, puts family reunions above the safety of more than 300 million Americans, and especially our armed forces and contractors in Afghanistan and in many other countries, who are detested by the Taliban jihadists.

Thus, it was difficult to believe the president’s later oratorical lamentations in Normandy, France, over the sacrifices made by thousands of American soldiers, when he has almost assuredly helped five Taliban members to wreak vengeance sometime in the future and somewhere in the world upon American soldiers or citizens.

Once again, this former constitutional lawyer has demonstrated his disrespect for the legislative branch of our government by failing to advise it of his intentions to free five Taliban detainees from prison. Obama’s misconduct is so egregious that pundits and people alike must give some consideration to impeachment as the only way to avert further presidential missteps.

Lucian C. Parlato


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