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Letter: Democrats have to stop blocking oil production

Democrats have to stop blocking oil production

A recent letter writer lauds Democrats Harry Reid, Mark Udall and Charles Schumer for their efforts to control political contributions. A simple search from 2009 to 2014 shows that as of March 30, those three raised the following for themselves: Reid, $23,230,459; Schumer, $22,774,723; and Udall, $10,455,451. Hmm.

Another writer slams fracking, claiming oil companies exaggerate the amount of gas/oil and understate disadvantages. Here are a few facts: In 2005, the Green River Formation was discovered and Republican President George W. Bush ordered immediate testing and extraction. After 3,000 test wells, the U.S. Department of Energy reported the Green River reserve contains the world’s largest deposit of oil shale in the world – larger than all five OPEC nations combined.

In 2006, the Bakken Formation in North Dakota was discovered and deemed the second-largest in the world. There is enough oil in those two shale reserves, assuming 50 percent retrievable, to supply every drop of oil we need for 100 years. U.S. natural gas estimates are enough to provide all our power needs for 100 years. Oil production at the Bakken reserve (private lands) is at 225,000 barrels a day and the unemployment rate is below 1 percent in Williston, N.D. The oil production at Green River, mostly government-owned, is near zero. Why? Ask President Obama.

J. Gary DiLaura

Niagara Falls

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