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Five ways to shop smarter

ShopSmart, the shopping magazine from the publisher of Consumer Reports, suggests these five ways to shop smarter:

1. Get stuff sooner. If you need a TV or other gadget in a hurry, consider buying it at Best Buy. The retailer delivered electronics items even faster than Amazon did last holiday season, according to StellaService, which tracks customer service. Best Buy’s secret weapon: lots of stores to ship from.

Ship-to-store is a growing trend; other retailers that offer the time-saving service include Ace Hardware, Macy’s and RadioShack.

2. Ship it for less. ShopSmart compared shipping a 6-pound medium-sized box from New York to San Francisco using FedEx, the United Parcel Service and the U.S. Postal Service. It checked standard and express delivery times.

The cheapest option: the Postal Service’s two-day Priority Mail Service, using its free flat-rate box (for up to 70 pounds). It was $40 less than the competition for the same two-day delivery. The Postal Service was also the cheapest option in other scenarios ShopSmart tried.

3. Shop and do good. It’s not as sexy and exciting as delivery by drone, but a quieter development at is a pretty big deal. Next time you want to order stuff from the site, start at; the company will donate money for every dollar you spend.

The donation may sound small – it’s 0.5 percent of your purchase price – but it can really add up. Just choose a charity, then shop as usual. That’s it! (No, you won’t get a tax deduction; you’re doing it for the good of it.)

4. Skip extra warranties. Car dealers may try hard to sell you an extended warranty, but it probably won’t pay off, based on ShopSmart’s survey of more than 12,000 auto owners.

Fewer than half of those who bought an extended warranty wound up using it. Those who did use it saved a median amount of $837 on out-of-pocket repair costs – but they spent $1,214 on average for the warranty, so that’s a net loss of $377 on the deal.

Extended warranties in general usually aren’t worth it. The warranties that come free with products usually give you enough coverage.

5. Don’t be dazzled. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you see many versions of products in the store. ShopSmart recently found 27 different Crest toothpastes and 25 kinds of Head & Shoulders shampoo at a supermarket.

But some “new” formulations might not be any better than or different from old ones. The new Cutex Spa Formula nail polish remover it looked at, for example, is almost identical to its regular formula.

Try new products when they’re on sale or shop by price.

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