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Letters for June 15

Coburn’s tirade at Belmont was totally out of line

Call it sour grapes. Call it sore loser. But co-owner Steve Coburn’s tirade after the Belmont was totally out of line. When the five-week schedule began in 1969, there have been three horses who won the Triple Crown. California Chrome is very good but not great.

He will be back winning again after a much needed rest, you can bet on that.

Paul DiVito


Consequences are in order for Dareus’ behavior

This letter is in response to the Bills’ Marcell Dareus and his recent run-in with the law. After reading the articles in The Buffalo News June 4, I must agree with Jerry Sullivan’s commentary and add some of my own.

I enjoy football as much as the next person, but the law is the law. There should be consequences by the court system as well as the Bills. Children look up to professional athletes as role models, and Mr. Dareus is falling short on that premise. If he has had some hard situations that he is not handling well, maybe he should seek some professional help. Maybe the Bills could consider some type of mandatory counseling.

Most people at one time or another have had difficulties in their lives. It is not an excuse to do as you please and/or break the law. I believe in compassion for one another but not special treatment because of a name or a job.

I have not walked a mile in Mr. Dareus’ shoes, but for his benefit and safety’s sake this incident should not be swept under the carpet.

Teresa Maiorana


We’re begging Trump to stay in New York City

Donald Trump, we’re begging you, please stay in New York City. We all know as well as you that you will never run for president or buy the Buffalo Bills.

Donald, you didn’t just embrace the nonsense, you ran with it. Please find a new hobby. Politics affect real people’s lives. Money and ego have distorted your common sense.

With all the money you have, we know you’re not stupid.

Bill Mullett


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