It seems to us: Light on his feet, unromantic Iran, more on Hillary and revisiting feral cats - The Buffalo News
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It seems to us: Light on his feet, unromantic Iran, more on Hillary and revisiting feral cats

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie gets points for showing up on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Thursday and risking humiliation as he tried, through comedy, to polish his stained political image following the infamous Bridgegate scandal.

Christie stood on the same stage where his boyhood idol, Bruce Springsteen, and Fallon parodied the governor in a viral takeoff on “Born to Run.” The guv couldn’t bring himself to watch it, but he showed that all is forgiven by joining Fallon for a much-less-controversial bit, “The Evolution of Dad Dancing,” spun off “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” Fallon did with Michelle Obama.

The ayatollah is worried. Couples in Iran aren’t reproducing enough to satisfy the nation’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The population could sag, he warns, and with severe consequences for the country if Iranians don’t get busy making babies.

The New York Times reports that the matter is serious enough for the government to cancel subsidies for condoms and birth control pills and eliminate free vasectomies.

But if Khamenei and other leaders really want Iran’s citizens to be more reproductive, they will have to deal with the opposition of would-be moms. As one woman, an architect identified only as Bita, observed: “I just don’t want to bring children into this hell.”

Maybe it’s just that she’s a little rusty, because if there’s one thing that supporters and critics of Hillary Clinton agree on, it’s that she is a smart and able political player. So when she told Diane Sawyer of ABC News that she and Bill Clinton were “not only dead broke but in debt” when they left the White House in 2000, the comment drew immediate ridicule.

The couple no doubt had money problems, including big legal bills from the Monica Lewinsky/Whitewater misery. At the time, it may even have been worrisome, but with the speaking fees they could command – that’s what prompted Sawyer’s question – the couple stood zero chance of avoiding fantastic wealth.

Hillary commands attention, whether it is from star-struck admirers or the she-killed-Vince-Foster-nutso crowd. So now we’ll have to hear about this for months on end. Thanks, Hillary.

Cats keep coming up in the Common Council. On Tuesday, one even showed up for the passage of a measure encouraging Buffalo residents to trap, neuter and vaccinate free-roaming cats, and then return them to where they were found.

How this voluntary measure will play out is anyone’s guess, but it’s a much better approach than one pushed a year ago by Darius G. Pridgen, now the Council president. That one called for licensing cats, and generated immediate community caterwauling. We’ll see if the new approach is a catalyst for good.

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