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Family’s additional foster siblings multiply the love

A Dodge Town and Country minivan sits in the Flick family’s driveway, along with a basketball hoop. Coloring books, word books and crayons are among the tools of the childhood trade inside. Things can get noisy here, what with three Flick family children and two foster kids.

“Some people say, ‘You’re crazy, I don’t know how you do that,’ but to Dan and I, it’s second nature. It’s fun,” Cheryl Flick said earlier this week as the three youngest children vied for her time.

“They fight like brothers and sisters, and they love each other like brothers and sisters,” she said.

Dan Flick is a district manager with Mighty Taco; his wife is a former first-grade teacher who left her job when their youngest child, Parker, now 5, was born. She has since been a stay-at-home mom. The Cheektowaga couple began fostering the two siblings, ages 5 and 7, right after Christmas.

Baseball is king this time of year. Dan Flick is vice president of the North Cheektowaga Amateur Athletic Association. The three youngest of the five children, including the foster siblings, are all on the same T-ball team this summer, while Isabella and Bailey Flick, ages 9 and 13, respectively, play on other ball teams.

“They are thrilled,” Dan Flick said of the brother and sister foster kids. “It’s been a lot of fun for them.”

The Flicks are Catholic, though “not very active” in church, Cheryl Flick said.

They strongly believe in community service.

The Fresh Air Fund opened the eyes of the family several years ago, when they initially brought a child into their home from New York City. “Dan and I decided to do the Fresh Air Fund to see how the kids would react to a stranger coming to live with us,” Cheryl Flick said. She said all three Flick kids “just fell in love with” the 7-year-old girl who spent 10 days with the family three summers ago. This will be her fourth summer with the Flicks; her favorite part about being there is playing on the family’s swing set in the backyard.

The biggest surprise for the parents, each of whom has three siblings, when it comes to their foster kids? “How well they have attached themselves to not only our family and the house, but to our relatives,” Dan Flick said.

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