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Letter: Mayor is a no-show on important issues

Mayor is a no-show on important issues

There are many things that go on in the City of Buffalo that make me scratch my head. I’ve been scratching it much harder lately when I read News stories of how Bennett High School has turned into a swamp of failure and violent behavior along with a sinking ship called the “Buffalo School System,” which may be beyond salvaging in my lifetime.

Denise Jewell Gee’s June 9 commentary laments the disgusting conditions of city-owned lots in mostly poor neighborhoods. I call these residents “the forgotten.” With no voice or political clout, they live in Third World conditions and share their backyards with garbage, rats and crime.

Meanwhile, Mayor Byron Brown rubs shoulders with rich developers and points to all the new construction downtown and at the medical corridor while pounding his chest saying, “What a good man am I.”

The “nowhere man” cannot be found at School Board meetings or policing city workers who use the weather as an excuse for not doing their job. For some reason, Brown always gets a pass. Buffalo is like a tree that is rotting from within. It looks great from the outside but the neglect is eating at its very soul.

I hear Buffalo community leaders and powerful church leaders speaking out against these outrages. I must say, I never hear them call out Brown by name. It’s time.

Paul Weslow


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