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Letter: Compromise is needed on school lunch policies

Compromise is needed on school lunch policies

First lady Michelle Obama is upset that her federal nutrition program is under fire across the country. She opposes any effort to alter her school meal rules. Liberals blame Republicans for the revolt against her failed policies. But the truth lies in the student cafeterias. Districts are losing money, discarded food is piling high and kids are going off campus to fill their tummies.

According to the School Nutrition Association, almost half of school meal programs reported declines in revenue for the 2012-2013 school year, and 90 percent said food costs were up.

The Los Angeles Unified School District called the federally subsidized program a flop. Principals noted excessive waste. School District 214 in Obama’s home state of Illinois decided to quit the national school lunch program and forego $900,000 in federal aid. Instead, it will rely on its own nutritionist to devise healthy choices that students actually want. If federal food policy was really about the children, the White House would be embracing change. But this is not about protecting the kids; it’s about protecting Obama, who apparently is thin-skinned when responding to criticism.

John Orlowski


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