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2014 Women’s Porter Cup

at Niagara Falls CC

Wednesday’s first round

Brittany Marchand (Mono, ON) 69

Jennifer Ha (Calgary, AB) 69

Hannah Pietila (Brighton, MI) 70

Princess Superal (Lipa City, Philippines) 70

Augusta James (Bath, ON) 70

Christina Foster (Concord, ON) 70

Stani Schiavone (Bangor, PA) 71

Kendra Bishop (Niagara Falls, ON) 72

Morgan Ransom (Blacklick, OH) 73

Allison Weaver (Lititz, PA) 74

Samantha Spencer (Georgetown, ON) 74

Jaclyn Lee (Calgary, AB) 74

Julia Beck (Austin, TX) 74

J. Doyon (St.-Georges-de-Beauce, QC) 74

MaryChandler Bryan (Chapin, SC) 74

Valerie Tanguay (St. Hyacinthe, QC) 74

Ellen Oswald (New City, NY) 75

Meghan Shain (Bakersfield, CA) 75

Naomi Ko (Victoria, BC) 75

Alicia Weber (Northville, MI) 75

Louise Olsson (Uddeholm, Sweden) 75

Zoe-Beth Brake (Whakatane, NZ) 75

Jessica Porvasnik (Hinckley, OH) 75

Brooke Henderson (Smith Falls, ON) 75

Danielle Fuss (Rochester, NY) 75

Kelly Grassel (Chesterton, IN) 76

Kelsey McDougall (Canton, MI) 76

Halley Morell (Brecksville, OH) 76

Grace St. Germain (Ottawa, ON) 76

Maggie Beth Byers (San Antonio, TX) 76

Jenna Hague (Burlington, ON) 76

Julia Montgomery (Shelby Twp., MI) 76

Taylor Kim (Surrey, BC) 76

Brittany Fan (Pearl City, HI) 76

Rylee Pedigo (Fort Worth, TX) 76

A-C Tanguay (Quebec City, QC) 76

I.A. Nordin (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 76

Catherine Peters (Clarence Center, NY) 76

Maren Cipolla (Lewiston, NY) 76

Taylor Clark (Rochester, MI) 77

P. Del Rosario (Lipa City, Philippines) 77

Jenna Hoecker (Rochester, NY) 77

Emmie Pietila (Brighton, MI) 78

Erika Herr (New Hope, PA) 78

Maddie Szeryk (Allen, TX) 78

Rene Sobolewski (Buffalo, NY) 79

Chelsea Dantonio (Lancaster, NY) 79

Madelein Herr (New Hope, PA) 80

Katharine Creighton (Buffalo, NY) 80

Kristen Bromley (Pittsford, NY) 81

Emily Doyle (Horseheads, NY) 81

Christina Paulsen (Ridgewood, NJ) 82

Michelle Hanes (Elma, NY) 82

Kristin Powers (Pittsford, NY) 82

Sydney Shaw (Orchard Park, NY) 83

Britni Gielow (Muskegon, MI) 84

Anne Hakula (Espoo, Finland) 84

Selena Cerra (Fell Township, PA) 84

Julie Murphy (Amherst, NY) 86

Helene Thoman (Sylvania, OH) 87

Victoria Parker (Lewiston, NY) 87

Kim Kaul (Colden, NY) 88

Kasey Harter (Millport, NY) 88

Sarah Notaro (Lancaster, NY) 88

Emily Connors (Lancaster, NY) 89

Thursday’s tee times

7:30 a.m. — Emily Connors, Sarah Notaro. 7:40 — Kasey Harter, Kim Kaul, Victoria Parker. 7:50 — Helene Thoman, Julie Murphy, Selena Cerra. 8:00 — Anne Hakula, Britni Gielow, Sydney Shaw. 8:10 — Kristin Powers, Michelle Hanes, Christina Paulsen. 8:20 — Emily Doyle, Kristen Bromley, Katharine Creighton. 8:30 — Madelein Herr, Chelsea Dantonio, Rene Sobolewski. 8:40 — Maddie Szeryk, Erika Herr, Emmie Pietila. 8:50 — Janna Hoecker, Pauline Del Rosario, Taylor Clark. 9:00 — Maren Cipolla, Catherine Peters, Iman Ahmad Nordin. 9:10 — Anne-Catherine Tanguay, Rylee Pedigo, Brittany Fan. 9:20 — Taylor Kim, Julia Montgomery, Jenna Hague. 9:30 — Maggie Beth Byers, Grace St. Germain, Halley Morell. 9:40 — Kelsey McDougall, Kelly Grassel, Danielle Fuss. 9:50 — Brooke Henderson, Jessica Porvasnik, Zoe-Beth Brake. 10:00 — Louise Olsson, Alicia Weber, Naomi Ko. 10:10 — Meghan Shain, Ellen Oswald, Valerie Tanguay. 10:20 — MaryChandler Bryan, Josee Doyon, Julia Beck. 10:30 — Jaclyn Lee, Samantha Spencer, Allison Weaver. 10:40 — Morgan Ransom, Kendra Bishop, Stani Schiavone. 10:50 — Christina Foster, Augusta James, Princess Superal. 11:00 — Hannah Pietila, Jennifer Ha, Brittany Marchand.

BDGA Men’s 2014 Match Play

at Transit Valley CC

Wednesday’s results

First round

Raman Luthra def. Timothy DiGiulio, 2 and 1.

Tom Rajczak def. P.J. Alterio, withdrew.

Nicholas Morreale def. Kevin Kaszuba, 1 up.

Patrick Sheedy Jr. def. Adam Bennett, withdrew.

Jonathan Clark def. David Hanes, 1 up.

Thaddeus Wier III def. Marc Siebert, 5 and 3.

Kevin Borowicz def. Mark Drabik, 2 and 1.

Chris Covelli def, Marc Scherrer, 4 and 3.

Matt Stasiak def. Randy Kramer, 7 and 6.

Desmond Stoll def. Andy Bernatovicz, 1 up.

Bob Rosen def. Mike McNulty, 1 up.

Kristopher Boyes def. Frank Garcia, 3 and 2.

Derek Roller def. Billy Hanes, 2 and 1.

Michael Piccillo def. Adam Boland, 1 up.

Billy Gaffney def. Justin Sumbrum, 2 and 1.

Mike Boss def. Brian Rajczak, 3 and 2.

Second round

Raman Luthra def. Tom Rajczak, 2 up.

Nicholas Morreale def. Patrick Sheedy Jr., 1 up.

Thaddeus Wier III def. Jonathan Clark, 1 up.

Chris Covelli def. Kevin Borowiczi, 4 and 3.

Desmond Stoll def. Matt Stasiak, 2 and 1

Bob Rosen def. Kristopher Boyes, 1 up.

Derek Roller def. Michael Piccillo, 3 and 2.

Mike Boss def. Billy Gaffney, 3 and 2.

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