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Letter: Professional groups can assist graduates

Professional groups can assist graduates

This letter is in response the article titled, “Hey, new grads … Low unemployment, affordable rents, short commutes, plenty of bars.”

While I agree with the top reasons why CreditDonkey.com believes recent graduates should consider staying in or relocating to Western New York, I believe one imperative reason was overlooked: the opportunity these new professionals have to participate in one of many local young professional groups, specifically the Emerging Business Leaders, a division of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce focused on young professionals ages 18 to 39.

These students are the exact demographic that thrive in groups like EBL and many others in the area. They’re transitioning into the working world and could use guidance from those who have been in their shoes before, they’re eager to seek mentorship that allows them to grow both personally and professionally, and they find value in networking opportunities that feature top influencers in Western New York at both the entry and executive level.

Young professional groups would have floundered in the recent past for multiple reasons: perceived lack of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, a struggling economy, cultural despair, the list goes on. It’s refreshing to see this article as a source of validation that the tide has finally turned. What was once a problem of negative perception is now an exhilarating opportunity with very real depth to it.

While there is now an even greater opportunity for growth and professional development than there has been in the past, there are also organizations like the Emerging Business Leaders and countless others who can serve as the conduit to help kick-start the prospering future of Western New York’s young professionals.

Katie Costello


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