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Letter: Leave dogs at home during art festival

Leave dogs at home during art festival

This weekend, the Allentown Art Festival will draw its usual tens of thousands of people. It will also draw the few who find it an irresistible opportunity to bring their dogs, ostensibly to socialize them (as some have said), but I believe it’s more to show them off.

In all the years I’ve attended the festival, I have seen lots of dogs – hot, panting, unhappy-looking dogs. I have never once seen a dog look like he was having fun, like he was comfortable, or like he really wanted to be in a place where the pavement is super heated and burning his bare paw pads, there are legs everywhere he turns, and water is limited if available at all. The whole experience is chaos and utter confusion. With that many people, how could it not be?

Please, please, leave the dog home for a couple of hours. He may miss you, but his state of mind and the pads on his feet will be a lot better for it.

Leslie J. Lange


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