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The buzz: Crowning achievement, uncorking New York


Aldi can be great, with its German chocolate, cute packaging and no-frills prices. But whenever you go anywhere full of Buffalonians on a budget, watch out. Case in point, Saturday at the Aldi on Elmwood Avenue in North Buffalo. A loud, loud woman is leaning on the bagging counter. She has sent her pretty teenage daughter to pick up a few items they forgot, and she’s yelling directions to her across the store. Everyone is suffering in silence – what can you do? – and the whole store breathes a sigh of relief when finally the daughter gets into line. Then her mother thunders: “CATCH!!” Everyone swivels. And through the air comes flying a big change purse, heavy with coins. Fast, like a baseball! The cashier had to duck. Lesson learned: Be ready for whatever life throws at you!

Crowning achievement

Barbara Maira, owner of Lisa Hunter Jewelry, got a commission she couldn’t refuse, to make the crown to be worn by King Constantine in the locally made movie “Nicholas of Myra.” “I said of course we’d love to, even though it’s completely different from what we do,” she said. She and her henchmen bought copper and brass. They hammered out leaves, using an ancient technique involving heating up pitch. Finally, they tied the leaves onto the crown, soldered it and sent it to New York to be gold plated. “It was supposed to be solid gold,” Maira sighed. “But that would be prohibitive.” A tense moment came when Robert Vincent Jones, who plays Constantine, came in for a fitting. Would his head be too big? Luckily Jones is just getting started in acting, his ego is under control, and the crown fit. Leaving one question: What project can possibly follow this one? You’ve got nowhere to go but down, after making Constantine’s crown...

Uncork New York

“In vino veritas” means “In wine, truth.” And lo, local wineries do seem to have a sure finger on the WNY pulse. Ravines Wine Cellars in the Finger Lakes sent us a bulletin about its frequent shopper club, called the Ravinous Club. Join and you can go to their Friday happy hour, called the Ravinous Hour.

Meanwhile, Spring Lake Winery, 7373 Rochester Road, Lockport, has announced that at 6 p.m. June 20 it is holding its first Toga Party.

“Includes god and goddess photo booth, a grape stomp and more,” we read. A corker of an idea! Call 439-5253.

The buzz

At a Salvation Army, two helpers were, ahem, frolicking by the small electrics. A staffer, apprised of the situation, sighed: “We’ve been getting phone calls about it, that there are these kids making out.” This is going to be a long, hot summer. ... It’s fate, call 8! Buzz correspondent Toni Naeser writes: “My husband and I were vacationing on teeny tiny Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands last December. We passed by a bar that had their TV turned on, and oh my goodness, it’s a Cellino and Barnes ad.” ... O solo mio! Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo is serenading Kleinhans Music Hall at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, and we can feel the glamour already. A fan writes on the group’s Facebook page: “Ignazio, you have grown into such an amazingly handsome young man.”


“Its dry character makes it a perfect fit for a light meal or a backyard full of your most sarcastic friends.”

– Gates Circle Liquor, extolling a rose wine


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