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Workers have earned their Social Security

Regarding Robert Samuelson’s recent column in The News: Please stop lying to us, and please stop trying to steal our Social Security and Medicare. My Social Security comes from a trust fund that I paid into when I was putting wages on my W-2, and that will be actuarially spun at least into my 80s. About $100 of this each month goes to pay my Part-B hospitalization insurance. Also, about $36 a month goes to Independent Health to supplement my insurance. Medicare also has a trust fund into which I paid while I was putting wages on my W-2, and which will need fixing in a few years, but is good for now.

This is in contrast to the “carried interest” loophole that gives hedge fund managers a huge break on their taxes. Or custom-crafted tax laws that let large corporations make billions in profits in this country, yet pay no taxes in this country. Or agents of Credit Suisse who organize tax evasion in this country, yet no one goes to jail.

David Gaeddert


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