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Letter: Let taxpayers decide fate of a new stadium

Let taxpayers decide fate of a new stadium

Now that the NFL commissioner has had his say about what the league wants concerning the Buffalo Bills, perhaps the taxpayers should have a say.

Including initial construction and yearly maintenance cost, this stadium has probably cost taxpayers more than $150 million. To even consider spending $1 billion for a new playground that is in reality used only eight Sundays a year should be totally out of the question. If the NFL wants this, let the league and the new team owner get their checkbooks out. The Bills’ accomplishments of four losing Super Bowls and 14 years out of the playoffs don’t say very much.

The county executive said his first priority was to keep the Bills. Almost immediately, there was an agreement for $130 million for stadium renovations. Recently there have been two articles about the county not having or not being willing to spend any extra money (a few million) for road repairs or maintenance.

Where are the priorities of the people running this county with our tax dollars? Spending for this stadium should be put up to the taxpayers. After all, it’s our money.

William R. Brown


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