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Letter: Construct new stadium near Central Terminal

Construct new stadium near Central Terminal

A new stadium vision can bring back a community that has been ravaged by unemployment and lack of opportunity.

Buffalo, let’s be trend-setters. No stadium in America has been built around a historic location. We can take advantage of our ongoing city restoration efforts that have brought national attention and newfound tourism. This venue can serve more than just a football purpose.

The Buffalo Central Terminal has never had a chance to really exhibit the architectural treasure it was built to bestow. Here lies a prospective focal point for regional tourism. During football games, the audience will take notice of the historic and grand setting of a new Buffalo Bills stadium focused on the restoration of a national landmark.

With the land approved as a New York State Empire Zone, our Central Terminal can be restored to its historic integrity. The main building could be a mixed-use hotel, office space, with a featured national train exhibit in the concourse and a game-day entrance point through the ostentatious gate of the terminal.

Aside from adding a parking garage, the current infrastructure, with some work, could allow light train traffic for regional fans as well as travel means from a remote tailgate location. A trolley system to the stadium would help stimulate local business.

We have a magnificent opportunity, not to build a stadium but to restore a neighborhood, a city and a region.

David P. Lipinoga


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