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Letters for June 8

NFL should leave Bills here, expand in L.A., Toronto

Many people in Buffalo are concerned that our beloved Bills may eventually be heading to either Toronto or Los Angeles. Those vultures may be circling over other vulnerable NFL cities like San Diego and Minnesota.

Everyone knows that the NFL has been licking its chops to get a team back in L.A. and possibly Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Instead of playing Russian Roulette with small markets like Buffalo, would it really hurt the NFL to allow L.A. and Toronto to enter the league as expansion teams? Most people are aware that the NFL owners find it more convenient to relocate a small market team to those cities.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones makes it sound like keeping the Bills in Buffalo gives the NFL a black eye. What he doesn’t realize is that allowing L.A. and Toronto to enter the league as expansion teams instead of going through all the red tape of relocating a team like Buffalo would probably speed up the process. With the NFL being one of the most profitable businesses in the world, I think most people would agree they would once again come out winners.

Kevin W. Dwyer


Bills need to have players clean up their acts

It’s time for the Buffalo Bills to clean up their act. What kind of example is management setting by drafting and allowing players engaging in criminal activity to remain on the team. Marv Levy always preached the importance of conducting yourself in a professional manner but this thinking has fallen by the wayside. The fans are spending their hard earned money for tickets while the players continue to do whatever they feel like with no regard for rules and get paid millions doing it. Enough is enough.

Marty Farrell

West Seneca

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