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Letter: Metro Rail must improve its train service downtown

Metro Rail must improve its train service downtown

I will start at the beginning of a beautiful Saturday evening in downtown Buffalo. After a wonderful meal, we headed to First Niagara Center for the Santana-Rod Stewart concert, which was almost as good as dinner (Santana was just too loud).

That’s where our evening turned into a time warp. After waiting the 20 minutes posted on the updated message board dated the year 2000, we started to walk toward the arena. Two trains left downtown, but somehow zero trains were headed to the arena and the bustling waterfront. The walk did no one any harm – it was even quite enjoyable – but it makes one wonder how a transit system can be so inept.

The Lafayette Station did indicate a shuttle service, but there was no information and no service to be had. It is obvious that there is construction occurring and delays are going to happen, but to not have some sort of plan in place for a busy time of the year borders on ridiculous.

I have worked downtown all my life and it is so encouraging to see all the great progress that is being made, and all the opportunities that lie ahead. After the show, it was a different story. There were plenty of trains in a timely manner, which makes one wonder: Is there really a vacuum at the other end that just swallows up the trains?

John P. Salerno


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