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Letter: Time to stop bickering, address climate change

Time to stop bickering, address climate change

Alongside the nausea of partisan bickering revolving around climate change, bizarre weather patterns are causing all sorts of problematic conditions exacerbating drought and fires in the West, cold in the Northeast and multiple tornados in the heartland and the South. Instead of rallying around how to stop or limit the effects these changing patterns are causing, finger pointing as to what is causing the changes is utilized to stonewall attempts to alleviate it, or at least, slow it down.

Democrats say according to NASA, 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is due to human activity. Speaker John Boehner and Republican House members counter that they are “not qualified to debate its scientific evidence.” At this point, who cares who or what’s causing it? It’s happening. Whether it’s caused by natural climate change or due to copious amounts of human-related happenstance, the consequences are dire and have to be attended to.

To my mind, the political posturing should revolve around solutions on how best to lessen its progression rather than to change the subject arguing who or what is at fault as our crops wither, our coastlines disappear and our houses are burned or tossed miles away by tornados.

Over the past six years, answers to our problems have instead become reasons to fist shake all the while Rome is burning. With little physical doubt of its existence, our leaders need to be focused on solutions and not continue to fling rhetoric about who’s causing it or that fixing it will harm our economy and kill our jobs. People, unless climate change is addressed, we’ll soon have neither.

Stephen Saracino


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