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Letter: Astorino’s comments were right on target

Astorino’s comments were right on target

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced his choice for lieutenant governor is Kathy Hochul because the choice is simple: You either go forward or backward, and we are going forward. He made his remarks not in Buffalo, but at the United Auto Workers Hall in Amherst. Why didn’t he make his announcement in Buffalo? Could it be the Amherst location was free of the broken glass, debris and rundown buildings Hochul referred to when she voiced her concerns about Republican candidate Rob Astorino’s remarks?

Hochul was disappointed by the “criticizing remarks” recently made by Astorino regarding the state’s Buffalo Billion funding campaign. Why didn’t one of the “distinguished guest speakers” suggest a suitable location in Buffalo? They can’t. The City of Buffalo, under Democratic leadership, has deteriorated into a social services nightmare.

Astorino believes New York can once again be the Empire State, not the welfare state. Instead of pouring billions into programs that only grow government, we must invest in private businesses and for-profit interests.

Mary A. Kless


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