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Holland schools mull facilities fee

The Holland School Board will decide this month whether to begin charging groups who want to use the district’s facilities.

“It would be great to let everyone use our facilities for free, but those days are gone,” Superintendent Cathy Fabiotos said at a recent board meeting. “We don’t want to gouge anyone. But to be fair to taxpayers, we should recoup our costs.”

The discussion was spawned by a couple of requests from for-profit groups that want to use the district’s facilities this summer. The superintendent said they also requested to use the school’s athletic supplies – an idea not embraced by all board members.

Fabiotos said that not-for-profit groups would still be allowed to use the school and grounds without cost, as in the past, but would be charged for staffing on nonschool or non-work days.

School business official Laura Bosinski also presented information to the board about charging community groups for the use of district transportation. Currently, the district is in talks with neighboring East Aurora School District to potentially share special-education transportation and other runs like summer camp pickups, especially in cases where students from both communities are headed to the same facility.

Bosinski estimated standard cost per mile at $1.45, with the added cost of a driver at $21 per hour, based on costs for this school year and would be readjusted each year, she said.

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