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7 new courses approved for Cleveland Hill High School

Students at Cleveland Hill High School will have the choice of seven new courses in the future, as the Board of Education approved the offerings during its regular meeting Wednesday night.

The new courses are Marketing, African-American Studies, General Chemistry, Survey of Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Science, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking. Most of the classes are planned for the 2015-16 school year, but Superintendent Jon T. MacSwan said African-American Studies and Marketing could be offered as soon as this fall.

“Any time you don’t take the opportunity to add courses, you run the risk of growing stale,” MacSwan said.

Administrators believe they have the staff to handle the new classes, which will be scheduled only if enough students are enrolled. Principal Jill A. Sherman explained that they only have a limited amount of periods to engage students with instruction, so it is hoped that the new courses will encourage their participation.

“We don’t want them to sit in study hall,” Sherman said. “We want them to have a full schedule, and be challenged by academics.”

Some courses, such as Survey of Anatomy and Physiology and Environment Science, will include the potential for college credit at State University of New York institutions. If the new classes are scheduled, Cleveland Hill will offer students up to 50 college credits throughout its catalog.

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