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Abridged transcript of viral racist YouTube video

The following is an abridged transcript of a YouTube video posted Tuesday showing a white woman flinging racial slurs at a black man outside a Cheektowaga strip mall:


Man: I have her on tape calling me racist comments, called me a n----- in front of her kids.

Woman: He scared my children.

Man: Well, there’s cameras out here ... and, uh, we’ll see because we’ll definitely be filing charges. Please call the cops.

Woman: Please do.

Man: Please. ... Got everything on tape ... your voice, too ... calling me a n-----, if that’s how you feel. You might as well take care of your kids, don’t worry about me.

Woman: I know where my kids are.

Man: OK. Good.

Woman (to boy by doors): Don’t touch. I’m bringing your father down here.

Man: Please do.

Woman (answering boy saying something about “daddy’s truck”): It sure is.

Man (to boy): It’s OK, buddy.

Woman: He don’t like black people, either.

Man: Oh, that’s good.

Woman: Good.

(Woman talks on phone and to kids prior to pause)

Man: Racism alive and well ... amazing.

Woman: It sure is. It’s disgusting what black people got into.

Man: Really?

Woman: Really.

Man: You called me a n----- and I just supposed to sit back, huh?

Woman: You sure did. You scared the s--- out of my kids.

Man: You called me a n-----, I’m just supposed to sit back.

Woman: You sure did, you scared the s--- out of my kids.

Man: By starting my car.

Woman: Oh f------ well.

Man: By starting my car.

Woman: Oh f------ well.

Man: (laughs) Amazing.

Woman: Oh f------ well.

Man: Wow, you got your kids cursing at me, too, huh?

Woman: Don’t talk to my kids.

Man: Wow, this is amazing.

Woman (screaming): Do not talk to my kids. (Answers phone, speaking on phone) Hello? Talk to this f------ n----- right now. I’m telling you he’s video recorded me, he scared the s--- out of Anthony starting the car, he wanted to run his mouth talking about me being a trashy mother. F------ say something to him now. He’s got me on video tape and I’m still flipping the f--- out.

Man: You called me a n-----, go ahead.

Woman: (screaming) I called you a n-----! You’re a n-----! N-----. Nasty. F------. N-----.

Man: OK. You might as well get your ...

Woman: (on phone) Because he’s a f------ loser, that’s why. He thinks he’s gonna get something out of it.

Man: Oh, no, we’re not. I don’t sue people.

Woman (on phone): Oh, he knows the cops. How many cops have I stripped for? You ain’t getting far, b----.

Man: OK.

Woman (on phone): Tell him, dude. You will f------ kill him, don’t even f------ ... I’m telling you right now, John.

Man: That’s very, very good.

Woman (on phone): I will f------ yank his ass out of the car.

Man: Please do.

Woman: (on phone): I don’t know what, because he wants to put it on YouTube, trying to act hard because I called him a racist ... (to man) because he’s a racist, ignorant n------. (on phone) And tell him what? He’s a racist, f------ n-----? (to man) All right, you’re done. My lawyer’s involved.

Man: Good. ... Thanks.

Woman: Stay here. My husband’s coming.

Man: OK, sure.

(Woman says something to kids by door)

Woman (answering phone): Hello? I told him you’re coming. You’re whooping his f------ ass. (to man, screaming) Get the video off my kids! Now! Or I will f------ break it! (on phone) I’m gonna whip my coffee at him if he does not stop f------ ...

(Man rolls up window; woman continues to yell on phone)

Woman: What? Put it on f------ YouTube! F------ nasty n-----. (Still talks on phone but cannot be heard clearly)

(Woman goes into store with kids prior to pause)

Man: Racism is alive and well, I’ll tell you. Alive and well. ... Amazing. Absolutely amazing. But this is, this is where we live at. This is exactly where we live ... and what goes on. I start my car; she calls me a n-----. Amazing.

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