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The Buzz: Mysteries of McKinley Mall, God and Erie County Fair

Land of the lost

What is with the McKinley Mall? It is the Bermuda Triangle for jewelry! Last week, we wrote about Robin, the woman who found lost jewelry there in December 2012, and hoped to find the owner. The next day we heard from two people: a gentleman hoping it was his wedding band (he signed himself, “Ringless finger crossed”) and a woman who had lost a cross. Excitedly, Buzz phoned Robin. But alas. “It wasn’t a cross,” she said curtly. And: “It wasn’t a gentleman’s wedding ring.” Bummer! Next we heard from two more women. One had lost presents while Christmas shopping – earrings and a necklace from Macy’s – and the other had lost a chain with a gold nugget. This time, we simply emailed Robin, who replied, “Not a chain with a gold nugget. Keep trying!” Aw, gee.

The king of Kleinhans

Saturday, the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra singled out four stars celebrating anniversaries with the orchestra, and called them out on the Kleinhans Music Hall stage. They were Executive Director Dan Hart, Music Director JoAnn Falletta, Principal Violist Valerie Heywood, and Charlie Gill, assistant property manager. (Gill is the guy you see adjusting risers and pushing pianos on and off the stage.) All four are heavy hitters, but when the speeches were over it became clear who was the most important. Gill, leaving the stage, calmly picked up the microphone and other paraphernalia, and carried it all out. The audience burst into laughter and applause. This is the guy who keeps the BPO rolling. Bravo!

A divine production

Last week, WNED’s new documentary about the Erie County Fair had its premiere at the Palace Theater in the Village of Hamburg. And judging from the photos taken by historian Marty Biniasz of the ground-breaking event, we should make a documentary of the documentary. First, Biniasz photographed the VIPs arriving by tractor. Then came something even more dramatic: The next film to be shown was “Godzilla.” And for one brief, shining moment when the marquee was being changed, it read: “God Presents 175th Erie County Fair.”

Opening-day splash

Fantasy Island opened its water park last weekend, and there was a rowdier element than usual. On the water slides, a group of obnoxious kids kept trying to cut in line. “Excuse me, excuse me,” they kept saying, trying to push past Buzz and our pink mat. No! Buzz stood our ground. Can we vote these kids off the Island? Otherwise it was watery bliss. No wave pool yet, but the Toilet Bowl, er, Cannonbowl, was up and flushing. And the Lazy River was lazy. We couldn’t hear the question one rider asked, but we loved the attendant’s response: “It’s there for a reason. The reason is not yet clear to me, but that’s why it’s there.”

The buzz

Let the good times roll! Thursday at 5:30 p.m., Lee Ron Zydeco starts his 15th summer of zydeco at Old Man River, 375 River Road, Tonawanda.


“A relaxing alternative to downtown Waterfront excitement.”

– Lee Ron Zydeco, hyping his Old Man River gig

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