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Letter: Mismanagement is ruining Marine Drive Apartments

Mismanagement is ruining Marine Drive Apartments

The time is long past for the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority’s ineptness to be exposed. I was a tenant at Marine Drive Apartments long before the authority took control and know what things used to be like. There was a time when the buildings were pristine, the grounds were well-maintained, green and beautiful, and the tenants were very happy with management and stayed for years.

Then management changed for purely political reasons and new managers were installed. When they failed to do the job, the authority took over, and now it’s worse than ever. The buildings are dirty, the grounds are disgraceful and the tenants are bullied by the management. The general manager is inaccessible. If a tenant has a complaint, it is sent to the fortress on Perry Street and never heard from again.

Now, because of the failure of management to be on the premises, the laborers who are supposed to see to the tenants’ needs do nothing because there is no supervision. Good luck trying to get any help from City Hall. The only time we see these people is election time, when they overwhelm us with promises of reform that they never keep. It all goes back to the Teflon man on the second floor of City Hall, where the buck is supposed to stop.

John Nostrant


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