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Consider a joint effort to host 2024 Olympics

Maybe it’s about time our region starts acting locally to think globally. We want a new stadium for the Bills? Let’s get together with our local, state and federal governments, acting in concert with the Province of Ontario and Canadian governments, and put in a joint bid to host a truly international Olympics.

We have an abundance of natural resources throughout this area that would offer an extraordinary opportunity for a wonderful show. Imagine sailboat races on Lake Erie, kayaking the rapids on the lower Niagara, long-distance bicycle races from Toronto to Buffalo and a marathon from the outer harbor ending at Niagara Falls. The possibilities are there and the time is right.

A bid for the 2024 Olympics fits the time frame. The chance to open the eyes of the world to all the blessings this area has to offer is something the millions of people on both sides of the border can get behind. A new stadium would just be a side benefit. Maybe I’m naive, but it can’t hurt to try.

David Betsch

Niagara Falls

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