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Get your gadgets on

Google Glass

What it does: Eye-level camera records a scene in stills or videos. When turned on, a tiny screen in front of the right eye displays information. A microphone listens for questions; say “OK Glass, find directions to work” and you’ll see a step-by-step walking guide. Connects wirelessly to a phone for Internet connectivity.

Availability: $1,500, sold by Google in limited quantities

iHealth Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker

What it does: Uses an accelerometer to measure steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled. It also tracks sleep and communicates wirelessly with a phone app. The screen can show progress.

Availability: $46-$60 from or Best Buy

Jawbone Up

What it does: Wristband tracks sleep and movement using an accelerometer. Paired with the Up app the data gathered can be combined with logging workouts and tracking eating habits. The cheaper version syncs with a phone by plugging into the headphone port; the Up24 is wireless.

Availability: About $105 in Best Buy and on Amazon; $150 wireless version from Apple


What it does: Watch features sensors to measure blood flow, perspiration and skin temperature; accelerometer detects steps and movement. Communicates wirelessly with a phone app.

Availability: $180 on Amazon

Fitbit Flex

What it does: Wristband tracks steps taken, distance traveled and hours slept using an accelerometer. Paired with a Fitbit app, it also estimates such things as calories burned and quality of sleep. The battery is supposed to last about five days. It connects wirelessly to a phone or computer to view data.

Availability: About $100 in Best Buy, Target or Apple


What it does: Early Bluetooth-connected smartwatch can store music and track running or biking.

Availability: Originally announced in 2011, it has since been discontinued. It’s available used online.

Lark Life

What it does: Wristband wakes its wearer, and only its wearer, using a vibration. It monitors how well you slept as well.

Availability: $100-$130 at Apple or Best Buy

HealthPatch MD

What it does: Adhesives with different strengths, depending on the amount of activity, can attach this body patch. Battery life is supposed to last more than 48 hours. Records information including heart rate, movement and skin temperature.

Availability: Not yet widely available, from Vital Connect

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