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Fredonia college tweaks name to avoid confusion

The public college located in Fredonia henceforth wants to be known as the State University of New York at Fredonia.

College administrators say they’re trying to counter inconsistency and confusion by moving away from Fredonia State College and SUNY Fredonia – the two names that have been used interchangeably in identifying the school in the past.

The use of “SUNY Fredonia” in some contexts and “Fredonia State” in others caused some people to think that two separate institutions existed, the college found in the course of a recent branding study.

The confusion has been greater for out-of-state and international audiences, although it exists in some cases even within Western New York.

In addition, the research showed that out-of-state respondents don’t recognize or understand the SUNY acronym, often mispronouncing it or not recognizing it as an institution of higher education without the words “college” or “university” included. This is especially true with international audiences.

“An emphasis in Fredonia’s strategic plan is expanding our role as a global community, welcoming out-of-state and international students and encouraging all Fredonia students to learn about the world and their places in it,” said Fredonia President Virginia S. Horvath. “A first step for us to be known is to have a single name that reflects our unique identity and our role as part of the State University of New York.”

Along with the name change, the college announced it will use a new logo for the first time in its 188-year history. The logo is designed to provide a visual aid for people to recognize and remember Fredonia.

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